Saturday, October 18, 2008

Irish 24 Hour Comics Day!

Today was Irish 24 Hour Comics Day and Free Irish Comic Book Day. I was at the 24 Hour Comics event, and twas a blast! Unfortunately, I couldn't stay the whole 24 hours, due to exams this Tuesday, but I had great craic in the 5 or so hours, met some great new people as well.
I'll have more on the day next post, I'm too bloody tired right now, but fair play to all of ye's still in the Central Hotel right now! And I'll have my one (!) page up as well...

On a side note, got three tickets to Neil Gaiman's book signing this month, fuck yeah!

Attached above is just a small thing I drew a few months back, it's missing the end three panels (I've yet to do!), it's pretty half-assed and I'll probably re-draw the thing...

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