Thursday, November 20, 2008

Eva and Wally (WALL-E FANART)

Yeah... here's a little ditty I pencilled out a few month ago, I only decided recently to ink the thing. I quite liked the film Wall-E, and the relationship between Wall-E and Eve was cute, hence the picture. Also, I was interested in how they might look in human form (no shit!)

Tomorrow I'm heading off to Dun Laoghaire IADT's Open Day, I'm not too interested in it, but they've got Film Production and Animation so I might as well give it a gander.
On Saturday I'll be attending my weekly portfolio preparation course in the Nation Gallery, which I think is having a great impact on my portfolio (read: I'm actually getting material done for it).
I'd like to be staying after that day to go see The Thing and Otomo Yoshide play in Andrew Lane's Theatre, but my plans for that have been crushed due to a babysitting job I've been asked to do for one of my cousins heading off to live in Australia...
Hmm, it would be so awesome if I had a good bit of money in my pockets every week (there's so much crap I wanna' buy...)