Sunday, December 7, 2008


Madman, from the comic of the same name. This looks better when you imagine him screaming;
Shit, Mike Allred is so fucking cool.


G-17 said...

Hey Eoin,

This isn't really a comment on "Madman" (which is pretty good, btw)....

I just wanna let you know you've got some nice work here.... keep it up.

BTW, I'm Gan17 from MU in case you were wondering.

Cheers mate.


Howdy Eoin!
Just saw your comment (left in Oct!!) after stumbling upon it...24 hr comic thingy...didn't get to ink it up but thanks for the comment! Love your postman comic, I think Cliodhna put the stuff up on the site for all to see! Have a cool Christmas!