Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just a quickie...

Things've been hectic lately...
Had my Ballyfermot PLC interview for the Animation Drawing Studies course last Friday, which went swell. They liked my stuff and said to expect an offer in the post this week.
Had my Dun Laoghaire IADT portfolio assessment today. Even though I had to wake up at fucking five in the morning, it wasn't as bad a day as I expected. Unfortunately I don't get the results from them until May.

While in Forbidden Planet, I picked up Liam Geraghty and Philip Barrett's excellent Gazebo, issue #1 (would've done so earlier, only FP's major leakage problem closed the Irish comics section off; the horror!). I really fucking dig Phil's cleancut and precise artwork, and Liam is a fantastic writer (can tackle humour and a serious slice-of-life tale greatly) as well! I highly recommend it!
Also finished Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness, good stuff as well. Amazingly, I became just as infatuated with Kurtz, just as Marlow did...

According to Rob Curley, a new (and bigger?) Sub City will be opening up on West Essex St. later this year!

(pic attached is part my own drawing, part a shop from the lovable folks of 4chan)

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