Monday, June 22, 2009

Fuck the sun.

Today I walked from Maynooth to the next town, Kilcock with two of my friends, Richy and Brian. We travelled along the canal. When we got to Kilcock, we stayed for a while in Brian's grandad's house. His grandad was an incredibly interesting guy and all round nice person. His house was just as interesting as well! It was lined with old decorations, clocks, porcelain figurines, newspapers, small art prints etc. that kind of thing.
We ran a quarter of the way back, since we were getting tired. Doing soonly proved how unfit I truly am, hahah. I think in total we walked around 8 miles. I'm pretty happy with that.

Man, this fucking heat is killing me. I can't stand days like this, where the flies are everywhere, your trousers stick to ya, the computer overheats, and you just don't feel like doing jack shit.
All I ask for is a petty breeze! Christ...

The drawing above is something I did yesterday. Its Dream from the Sandman comics having tea with Paprika from the anime feature Paprika.
Man I'm getting great use out of that black Letraset marker...

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Puredaft said...

Get posting more drawings, this is great, particularly the Sandman.