Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Just a quickie... (part deux)

I was going to name this post 'Just a quickie' but I realised I already used that exact title before, hah.

24 Hour Comics Day was absolutely fucking brilliant. An experience I'll never forget. Suprisingly enough, I did manage to stay awake the full time. Unsuprisingly, I didn't get 24 pages done. In fact, I only got five done. Being the stickler for detail I have always been, I got too bogged down on particular panels. Oh well, I learnt my lesson.
I'll have a full report on the day on Friday or Saturday sometime.

I only noticed today that I've never scanned in any pics from my sketchbooks. So here's a few;


Puredaft said...

like the dude with the gun, lovely loose drawing... have you ever tried drawing like that with pen and then working into that drawing with the finer hatching. It would be interesting to see what would happen. Your pen n ink work, as always, is great.

Eoin Marron said...

Thanks Deirdre! No I haven't ever really, I find I lose the looseness (hahah) when I go to ink something. I'm still struggling to settle on one particular style, hence the somewhat varied styles in my 24 hr comic.
I've been trying to draw a bit like Paul Pope recently, whose stuff has a very loose look to it...