Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dave McKean signing

I was at Dave McKean's (Sandman, Cages, Mr. Punch) signing today in Easons. He and Neil Gaiman (whom I met at a signing in the same store last year) recently released a children's book called Crazy Hair. Unfortunately, he came expecting an audience of kids so his slideshow wasn't particularly aimed towards the people that did come, but Dave McKean being the brilliant bastard he is, is interesting at whatever he does, for whomever. We got to see some pics of upcoming works, such as his new feature length film project Luna.
There was a short Q&A after that, with some interesting insight from the man into his creative processes and methods. And after that was the signing. I got Varjak Paw, a Graveyard Book poster, Arkham Aslyum: A Serious House On Serious Earth, Sandman volume one and Crazy Hair all signed! He even did an awesome Batman sketch in Arkham, and a full-page Morpheus in Sandman (as as I requested :D). He's a really, really nice chap, and it was certainly a pleasure meeting one of my favourite artists of all time.
I'll have some pics of said drawings soonish.

Here's some recent art, a WIP.

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philtre said...

Lovely looking Eoin - top job. Are we going to get to see your 24 hour comic pages some time!?