Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pizza Time

Another crazy crossover request from 4chan, this time featuring Spongebob delivering Krusty Krab Pizza and Nathan Copeland, a boss character from the upcoming No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle.

Don't ask me what the context of this situation is!

In other nuacht, fair play to all the Irish Academy Award nominees (all of whom graduated from my college :P). It'll be a right boost for this country's tiny animation industry if one of the films gets an award. Meaning a job for me after college! It shames me to say I haven't seen either Granny O' Grimm or Secret of Kells, but I will get around to it... eventually.

Speaking of Irish animation, I recently stumbled upon a fella called Eamon O' Neill's stuff while researching Japanese animation maestros Studio 4c. He's a recent graduate of IADT, and his work is absolutely amazing; reminiscent of afforementioned studio's style with lovely fluid animation and grainy backgrounds. Linkage;
His life drawing studies are beautiful as well!

Ohh, and apparently the Chinese spambots are back. Bollocks.

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