Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Patrick Schmatrick

Well, today's St. Paddy's. And what did I do? I spent the night kicking back on the PC, eating chink dinner and drinking Bulmers. And that's cool with me!

Eagle-eyed viewers may notice that this is the first instance where I have posted in two consecutive days! No month-long gap this time folks!
Don't worry, its just me attempting to improve my blogging consistency. I figured I spend too much time doing fuck all on the internet, so I might as well write about doing fuck all.

Art ahoy; this is something I cobbled together the other day, just to show how much I've improved in a few months (largely thanks to Friday's life-drawing class).

Oh yeah, as much as I hate Forbidden Planet these days, their bargain bin downstairs rocks. Picked up Ring of Roses a few weeks ago for dirt cheap, and just yesterday I found volume five of Sardine In Outer Space for only two-fiddy! Check that shit out.